Eggheads: +a channel vs chanuser modes

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Tue Apr 8 10:59:44 CST 2003

Some of the networks I've used have +a meaning 'channel admin'. The problem
comes when a user's access on channel services is so high that they only
receive +a and not +o, so eggdrop can't see the user (or itself) as an op.

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 Hello Philip,

Tuesday, April 8, 2003, 7:04:27 AM, you wrote:

> More and more network are stating to use the +a channel user mode.

> This is becoming more of a problem for some users where a service
> bot, or any users sets a user +a before the bot gains +o.

> What is the +a channel mode for, and doesn't it only apply to
> !channels?

On IRCNet +a stands for anonymous, and is only available on !channels.
People cannot see each other, everything what is said on cannel looks
like is send from somebody who have nick "anonymous".

I don't think that many people actually use this mode, since it's not
really useful for normal channels.
Maybe on other networks it have different meaning.

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