Eggheads: Multiple IP's from one machine

Michael michael.lawver at
Sun Sep 22 17:38:02 CST 2002


I know there are several of you that run FreeBSD and it's my hope that at 
least some of you have the answer to a problem I'm facing.

This may be a little off topic but it is related to running eggdrop's so I 
thought I'd use your expertise.  

I have been looking online and in all of the books that I have but no one 
seems to address my particular issue, which I have been trying to figure out 
for a couple of weeks now.

The problem is this, I currently run several eggdrop bots using one IP (there 
are limits to how many you can run based on how most chat servers are 
configured), so I went out and purchased a block of IP's from my isp.  The 
problem is I have no idea how to get my single system to run multiple IP's.

Can someone here who has done this already (On FreeBSD) give me some tips on 
what I need to do to get the rest of my block of IP's to work on FreeBSD 

Since this is a little off topic please e-mail me privately so I can at least 
have some basic idea of where and what I need to do to get these other IP's 

Forever grateful,


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