Eggheads: Re: Eggheags: Feature requests

Darko Ilic darko at
Thu Sep 12 12:01:02 CST 2002

While I generally agree on any improvements for eggdrop, one has to 
evaluate all the factors. This isn't really a Nuclear Powerplant that 
has to be protected in a variety of possible ways. Eggdrop is IRC robot 
and as such is exposed to all sorts of threats, hence do not run it from 
the box that holds secure data. If you were actually refering to attacks 
from inside (sysadmin, or someone rooted your provider) - simply opt not 
to run certain bots from commercial shells. If you have anything to fear 
for then those bots shouldn't be there anyway.
Now, if you will excuse me, there is a fly in my coffee, i must dial 911 
to send in reinforcements. Or even National Guard.

Heh, joke, but that's the equivalent of the feature you are requesting. 
No hard feelings.

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