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Ronny Vårdal ronny.vardal at
Thu Sep 12 11:13:01 CST 2002

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> That is always a possibility. But i have a stable hub on a good connection
> and a alt-hub if that one goes down. I'm really willing to take a chance
> with that rather than to have my userfile cracked on some remote shell.
> Minor userfile is ok as long as it doesnt store any passwords and is synched
> to the real userfile.


Why not just use another encryption? Make your own encryption module with your own algorithm maybe? Or a not so common encryption (execept double ROT-13 :p), so that it will be harder to decrypt cuz people expect to face blowfish, des3 or md5 or something in your userfile.
> Andri
> aka Merlin at IRCnet

Inputs from ting that is...

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