Eggheads: Feature requests

Andri Óskarsson andri at
Thu Sep 12 10:37:00 CST 2002

> >
> It should be fully possible, tho I havn't tracked the progress of the
> userfile->module transfer for some time...
> (heck, I've barely had time to track this list at all lately :/  )
> One issue that has to be dealt with tho is: how should your bots react if
> for some reason your hub becomes unavailable?

That is always a possibility. But i have a stable hub on a good connection
and a alt-hub if that one goes down. I'm really willing to take a chance
with that rather than to have my userfile cracked on some remote shell.

Minor userfile is ok as long as it doesnt store any passwords and is synched
to the real userfile.

My idea is generally to make the eggdrops less induvidual and more of one
mind. If the hub (the big one mind) dies, try an alternitive one or die. I
just want these "untrusted drones" to work without comperemising my whole

Thanks for the input.

aka Merlin at IRCnet

> * Use a minor local userfile (kinda like yp/nfs)?
>   You'd most likely need a minor userfile for botinfo, unless you go for
>   100% ssl certs authentication
> * Try to use cached data (too bad for whoever might not be in the cache)
> * Sit there as a duck? (Waiting to be killed)
> * Refuse to start
> // Fredrik Löhr (aka NML_375)

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