Eggheads: Webnet bot servers

Darko Ilic darko at
Tue Sep 10 10:56:01 CST 2002

OK, i've brought the issue to my root admin who is actually 
support at webmaster and he'll try to convince other roots to configure 
stuff properly. This issue is known for a while now, and has been 
sucessfully resolved on another webmaster's network. Time will tell.

Btw, there is something else i am currently fighting against and i 
suspect it is related to CR. After a channel ban was removed from the 
irc ban list, bot still keeps a record of it as if it were active. 
Please try following sequence:

 From your IRC client:

/mode #channel +b test!test at test
/mode #channel -b test!test at test

Then, from the partyline on the bot:

.bans #channel

And see if there is a record of the ban. It would mean a lot to me to 
geather test results from various people. Thanks.

Darko Ilic

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