Eggheads: Not on channel bug?

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Mon Sep 9 07:52:01 CST 2002

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Subject: RE: Eggheads: Not on channel bug?

> Yep, conference room has a setting not to show "/WHO" output if you aren't
> opped in the channel, of course breaking the IRC RFC('s) and probably some
> clients, including eggdrop. Eggdrop expects to see itself in the /who
> output, and it gets an empty reply, so it doesn't find itself in the

That seems to be the problem, due to the bot isn't opped in that channel.

> Apparently on webnet there are servers which are configured correctly and
> servers which are configured not to work in a decent manner. Try jumping
> some servers, apparently the servers on win32 are the most "misconfigured"
> and the ones on BSD may work.

It's on one that seems to work so maybe I'll just keep the server list for
ones that do.  thanks.


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