Eggheads: news.tcl bug

Mike Chambers mike at
Thu Aug 29 06:06:01 CST 2002

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Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 4:55 AM
Subject: Re[2]: Eggheads: news.tcl bug

> There is another error wihtin the script.
> in the proc parsecnn
> the line:
> putchan $chan "$z) [string range $line [expr $j + 2] end]" $references($i)
> is wrong. This should be:
> putchan $chan "$z) [string range $line [expr $j + 2] end] $references($i)"
> This is 100% to do with the putchan provided within the news.tcl. It
> is due to another script providing the putchan command, and
> over-writting the one in news.tcl
> To fix it, the simplest way is to make sure news.tcl is being loaded
> last, this should provide a compatible version for other scripts,
> while maintaining the news.tcl script witht he correct function.
> Don't edit any of the scripts, just chnange the order of loading the
> scripts.

Just cvs updated the bot and also reloaded the bot with the news.tcl at teh
bottom to see what happens.  As I replied to Tyler last night, the changes
he had me made did work, but as you pointed out and I did, the other parts
didn't.  So shall see what happens.

Also, something I noticed was this bot keeps thinking it's not on channel
when it really is.  Getting the oops, not on #channel message in the log.
But since I updated cvs just few minutes ago, will watch for it when I get
home from work today and see if it's doing the same thing.



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