Eggheads: news.tcl bug

Philip Richardson ppslim at
Thu Aug 29 05:15:00 CST 2002

Hello Tyler,

Wednesday, August 28, 2002, 5:15:14 PM, you wrote:

TS> in proc getslash it calls putchan,

TS>     putchan $chan $headline [string range $line [expr $i + 5] [expr $j - 1]]

TS> that is using TOO many args, change it to...
TS>      putchan $chan "$headline [string range $line [expr $i + 5] [expr $j -
TS> 1]]"

TS> also in, proc getfm
TS>     putchan $chan $headline [gets $fnews]

TS> change to
TS>     putchan $chan "$headline [gets $fnews]"

TS> that looks like it should work. didnt test it so i dunno but it follows the
TS> others formats. Must have sothing to do with

TS> proc putchan {chan headline {url ""}} {

TS> when putchan is defined.
TS> hope that helps

TS> tyler

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TS> Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 12:02 PM
TS> Subject: Eggheads: news.tcl bug

>> Server has been upgraded to kernel 2.4.18 and tcl 8.3.3.  When running
TS> this
>> news.tcl that worked on systems prior to this and still does (meaning
TS> lower
>> kernel/tcl version) , and doing the command below...
>> <gjones> !news top (or actually anything with !news command)
>> I get this error...
>> <JuGs> [09:57] Tcl error [news]: called "putchan" with too many arguments
>> URL below to copy of the tcl, does anyone mind taking quick peak at it to
>> see what is wrong?  Maybe the tcl currently installed causes the tcl to
TS> fail
>> due to changes or something?
>> Thanks for any help ahead of time,
>> -------------------
>> Mike Chambers
>> Madisonville, KY
>> "Better to hurt a little now, than to hurt a lot later!"

There is another error wihtin the script.

in the proc parsecnn
the line:
putchan $chan "$z) [string range $line [expr $j + 2] end]" $references($i)
is wrong. This should be:
putchan $chan "$z) [string range $line [expr $j + 2] end] $references($i)"

This is 100% to do with the putchan provided within the news.tcl. It
is due to another script providing the putchan command, and
over-writting the one in news.tcl

To fix it, the simplest way is to make sure news.tcl is being loaded
last, this should provide a compatible version for other scripts,
while maintaining the news.tcl script witht he correct function.

Don't edit any of the scripts, just chnange the order of loading the

Best regards,
 Philip                            mailto:ppslim at

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