Eggheads: news.tcl bug

Tyler Shaw tshaw at
Wed Aug 28 11:16:01 CST 2002

in proc getslash it calls putchan,

    putchan $chan $headline [string range $line [expr $i + 5] [expr $j - 1]]

that is using TOO many args, change it to...
     putchan $chan "$headline [string range $line [expr $i + 5] [expr $j -

also in, proc getfm
    putchan $chan $headline [gets $fnews]

change to
    putchan $chan "$headline [gets $fnews]"

that looks like it should work. didnt test it so i dunno but it follows the
others formats. Must have sothing to do with

proc putchan {chan headline {url ""}} {

when putchan is defined.
hope that helps


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Subject: Eggheads: news.tcl bug

> Server has been upgraded to kernel 2.4.18 and tcl 8.3.3.  When running
> news.tcl that worked on systems prior to this and still does (meaning
> kernel/tcl version) , and doing the command below...
> <gjones> !news top (or actually anything with !news command)
> I get this error...
> <JuGs> [09:57] Tcl error [news]: called "putchan" with too many arguments
> URL below to copy of the tcl, does anyone mind taking quick peak at it to
> see what is wrong?  Maybe the tcl currently installed causes the tcl to
> due to changes or something?
> Thanks for any help ahead of time,
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> Mike Chambers
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