Eggheads: need some help !

Michael michael.lawver at
Mon Aug 26 02:28:00 CST 2002

Well there are several ways to prevent this, here are a couple.

Why not stop setting the global bans to begin with and make them local to the 

In other words:

Instead of Global:

.+ban *!host at domain <Reason>

Set it:

.+ban *!host at domain #Room <Reason>

If you cannot get the others in the botnet to do this kind of ban instead of 
global then just stop sharing and make your bot just +h and not +gs with the 
botattr command, if yours is the hub just don't share with the other bots in 
the botnet

These two things are probably the best ways to take care of the issue you 

Michael =o)

On Sunday 25 August 2002 09:31 pm, Nutcraker wrote:
> Hi !
> i need some help , i have an eggdrop and one user file shared with some
> other bots ( also eggdrops ) , but my bot is on many chanells and because
> of the sharing it places bans in other chanels too , my question is : is it
> possible to share the user file still , but not to place any bans at all
> thanks in advance

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