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Wcc wcc at
Sun Aug 4 21:08:02 CST 2002

> Hello Wcc,
> Saturday, August 3, 2002, 3:42:02 AM, you wrote:
> >> Hello eggheads,
> >>
> >>   I've installed eggdrop 1.6.12,set user +ly on channel but bot dunno
> >>   wanna halfop...any ideas?
> >>   (userhost matchs)
> W> Can you try setting the user +gv and see if he gets voiced? If not, try
> W> removing the ly and see if he gets voiced. This would help with
> voiced user but didnt halfop until I .-user and .+user again
> than halfop works fine...but one more 'feature' appeared - bot begun
> to deop me if I op myself (i'm ircop and +n user on channel)until
> 1.6.12 bot reacts fine on self-opping...I've make .rehash and all
> seems to be fine...except bot sometimes like to op himself (it's ircop
> too :) ),but I can't handle it cuz it occures when I'm not on irc.
> When more info will be availeble,I'll send log.
> W> Wcc

What about when the user is +y but not +l?

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