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Tue Feb 9 00:55:35 CST 1999

Just a little further on your request for a "bottree" tcl command.  I'd 
also love not only that - but also the .botinfo equivalent.  The important 
thing here with multinet TCLs, is to know which subset within the 100 bots 
in my botnet should be sent a command via putbot.

And as far as I can tell there are no built in commands that will shout out 
the equivalent of .botinfo, and therefore you are required to do one 
putallbots, respond to the event with a botnet TCL which sends back the net 
it's on, and then wait for all the responses to trickle in.

Now you know which bots are on which nets.

The extra telnet traffic isn't a problem - but it would be so much more 
slick to say "Whos alive on Efnet to handle this task" and when the proper 
bots respond - you can send them their work to do.


At 10:03 PM 2/8/00 , you wrote:
>At 10:31 PM 2/5/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>>I know it is not x-mas but here is my top 10 wishlist for changes and 
>>1] Add a cross reference list of bot handles current ircnick.  Perhaps 
>>this could be incorporated in an enhanced return for bots, bottree and/or 
>>vbottree.  This is quite handy when the bot handles do not resemble the 
>>ircnick.  for .bots:  handle [ircnick], bot-1 [ablebot], bot-2 
>>[bakerbawt], bot-3 [charlie], etc.
>>3] Modify the returns for bottree and vbottree to provide a visual 
>>indication of the p/s bot pairings [direction of sharing].  Incorporating 
>>the ircnick idea in #1, it would look like this:
>>as seen from bot-1 [where bot-2 is +s]:
>>bot-1 [ablebot] 1.4.3
>>  `->bot-2 [bakerbawt] 1.5.3
>>       `->bot-3 [charlie] 1.3.9 ;)
>>bot-1 sends to bot-2 and bot-2 sends to bot-3
>>as seen from bot-2 [where bot-1 is +p and bot-3 is +s]:
>>bot-2 [bakerbawt] 1.5.3
>>  |-<bot-1 [ablebot] 1.4.3
>>  `->bot-3 [charlie] 1.3.9 ;)
>>bot-2 receives from bot-1 and sends to bot-3
>This is great in theory, and could be done in a tcl. Well, everything but 
>the botnet tree mod. Eggdrop does not have built in tcl command to see the 
>bot tree (it should, I have use for it).
>You have two situations you want to consider. Most people on the botnet 
>(or at least mine) change their botnet-nick from their irc nick, they 
>don't really want people on the botnet to find their bot on irc. They also 
>use different handles than they do nicks, they don't want to be found on 
>irc at all....
>So, why would that bot/bot owner want to send his bot's irc nick across 
>the botnet, this is somewhat of a security issue.
>So, bot's should NOT send their irc nick's, this is bad. Now, how can we 
>do this in tcl?
>Simple, use whois-fields.
>.set whois-fields "[join $whois-fields] ircnick"
>bind dcc n mytree dcc:mytree
>proc dcc:mytree {hand idx args} {
>   putidx $idx "IRC nicks I have for bots linked to me (may not be accurate):"
>   putidx $idx "HANDLE     IRCNICK"
>   foreach bot [bots] {
>     if {![validuser $bot]} {continue}
>     if {[getuser $bot xtra ircnick] == ""} {continue}
>     putidx $idx [format "%-10s %-10s" $bot [getuser $bot xtra ircnick]]
>   }
>(I have not tested this. I wrote it in my email client, so don't expect 
>magic. It's an example.)
>The only problem with this approach is that it may not be accurate, if one 
>of the linked bots is using it's altnick, it may be incorrect.
>Another way you could do this is by grabbing all the bot's ircnicks from 
>the current channels your bot is in. Would be a lot slower.
>That's my input on your #1 and #3 (out of 10) list.
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