Eggheads: is this for real?

TheRaven theraven at
Sat Feb 6 19:46:24 CST 1999

Well, I'll be damned, it fucking works.

And here I thought my new rutimer was the only way it could be done :)

Thanks man.

proc rutimer {seconds command} {
   regsub -all {\[|\]|\$} $command {\\&} outtext
   return [utimer $seconds $outtext]


PS.  If I don't like the way the eggdrop tcl commands work, is there no way 
I can trap execution before or after *any* command and add my little proc 
in for manipulation?

At 06:20 AM 2/4/00 , you wrote:
>On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, TheRaven wrote:
> > Yeah, I agree with Ely on this one.  I had to write an unknown proc
> > replacement too - because of the inability of eggdrop's TCL implementation
> > to handle utimers when their arguments are putserv statements with vars
> > that can potentially have []{} as their dynamic data.
> >
> > Another implementation of unknown procs :)
>Won't somthing like this do the same thing?
>utimer 10 [putserv "NOTICE [split $nick] [split $text]"]
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