Ray Barrett III rbarrett at
Tue Feb 2 23:17:24 CST 1999

Hi guys,

I'm trying to play with MASS outputs to the different queues, and I'm
finding that even though I build 1000 lines of text in the DP_HELP queue,
and have NOTHING in either of the other queues - my bot still floods off
after about 100 lines.  What exactly controls the way (or the delay) that
is involved when using these queues?  Does the net-type variable have any
effect?  The manuals of course say, "use these queues and you won't flood
off"... well, that doesn't help so much.

If there is any tweaking I can do... to modify the number of bytes sent in
a specific amount of time - such that I won't get flooded from NewNet
(Undernet, or Efnet) then I'd love to know... before digging into the source.

A second request I have is to be able to somehow get the "length" of any of
the three queues - or somehow see their contents (much like .tcl utimers),
so that I may trigger events based on an EMPTY queue.

A quick example would be playing a list - where when the list is finished
playing (a task that could take a very dynamic amount of time) I would like
to do another event.

Just thoughts - any input is MUCH appreciated :)


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