Eggdev: Eggdrop 1.6.20 Released

Jonathan Rudolph simple at
Fri Jul 23 19:57:05 CST 2010

Hello again,

We here at Eggheads are happy to announce the release of Eggdrop
1.6.20, the first official release of the new team. Hopefully with the
experience I gained with RC1 and RC2, I'll get this one done properly!

You can get it from

Please see doc/Changes1.6 for information on things that have changed
since Eggdrop 1.6.19+ctcpfix

MD5 Sums:

f6887c045dba11fa2755a6a9e40380a3 eggdrop1.6.20.tar.bz2
3c6148bed2fcbe0644f2d456097fd270 eggdrop1.6.20.tar.gz


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