Eggdev: [eggheads-patches] PATCH1.6 uptime client module -- Randomized update interval.

Jeff Fisher guppy at
Mon Nov 16 22:28:57 CST 2009

> Modified to send packets at a random interval, with per-second
> resolution, instead of at<eggdrop.conf:hourly-updates>.  (Which
> defaults to 00.)  This will /significantly/ reduce peak UDP traffic to
> the contest server.  Further research (and changes to the
> uptime server) indicated that the UDP traffic wasn't the primary issue
> with the uptime contest, somewhat mooting the client changes.
> That said, randomizing the update interval certainly can't hurt.  :)
> The patch sends an update after a random delay of between 0 and 12
> hours.  This will average out to approximately 6 hours, which is the
> current interval.
> A couple of additional tweaks:
> - Updated the module report to leave out the bogus memory check, added
> countdown to next update.
> - Send count of packets sent to the uptime server using the currently
> unused cookie field.

I'm okay with this. Feel free to rename this variable to something more 

> - Added code (currently #ifdef'd out) to permit the module to be reloaded.  Note
>      that the uptime server code will need to be changed to permit this.

I'm currently not against or for this change but for right now, I'd like 
to leave this code as it is.

> - Bumped the uptime module version from 1.2 to 1.3.
> Modifications by grnbrg at, and copyright assigned to Eggheads
> Development Team, November 2009.
> Many thanks to guppy and simple for helping to track down and fix the
> uptime contest.

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