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--- Comment #2 from Rumen Stoyanov <pseudo at>  2008-11-20 13:49:02 ---
The number of warnings, which can show up on a recent platform is even higher.
A significant percent of them are the 'dereferencing type-punned pointer' ones,
caused by the strict-aliasing optimization (enabled with -O2 or higher, by
default). While these are not a serious concern by themselves, they reveal
problems which ought to be solved rather than hidden. Examples are generic list
handling with list_delete() and friends, and some time_t values, treated as
built-in tcl integer variables.

The rest with few exceptions are more or less a matter of proper (and safe)
casts. A patch dealing with them is attached. Tested on Linux with GCC 4.2.4
and OpenBSD 4.4.

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