Eggdev: Re: [cvslog] (2007-05-09 01:32:43 UTC) Module eggdrop1.9: Change committed!

Bryan Drewery bryan at
Tue May 8 20:01:57 CST 2007

Well you could design some sort of iterator into the hash functions
instead of using the walk functions

hash_iterator_t iter;
for (iter = users->iter; iter.valid(); {
  char *key = (char*) iter.key();
  char *value = (char*) iter.value();

Sven Trenkel wrote:
> Wow, that was fast!
> Bryan Drewery wrote:
>> This is what the hash table walk functions are for..
>> You could even design an iterator for an inplace for loop on the hash
>> table..
> You're right, it might be a little more complicated for functions that
> do something with a user based on the other users, but the resulting
> code might even be cleaner than the whole going-along-the-list stuff. It
> just requires an additional function to allow functions from outside of
> user.c to iterate the list. I'll change it in the next commit.
> CU
>    Sven


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