Eggdev: Neato Stats

Sven Trenkel list at
Sat Nov 25 18:58:28 CST 2006

BarkerJr wrote:
> I'm pretty much resigned to the idea of allowing coders write user 
> documentation.  I think we should make an eggdrop wiki and put our 
> documentation on that.  This way, users can make the documentation 
> readable instead of the technospeak coders tend to write.

A well documented project should contain two kinds of documentation: One
for the users who use the product and one for the coders who are writing
it. For coder documentation doxygen is an excellent tool, easy to use,
pretty to look at and it has clickable source code in case the
documentation isn't enough. As for user documentation ...

> I've setup three mediawikis and would be willing to setup an eggdrop 
> one, too.

.... great idea! Copypasting the existing plain text documentation into
the wiki might not look too nice but it should be a good point to start
from. Put a link on the eggheads site and in the cvs tree so people can
find it.

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