Eggdev: Neato Stats

Derek Kuliñski takeda at
Mon Nov 20 10:25:24 CST 2006

Hello Tothwolf,

Monday, November 20, 2006, 3:01:26 AM, you wrote:

>> Its funny that the tracker actually is showing me as doing more docs
>> than C, even though I probably spent the most time fixing bugs and 
>> restructuring C code. I dunno what it does with the huge changes I've 
>> done to the autoconf and Makefile stuff too.
> Erm, spent more time on C code than docs anyway. That just didn't sound
> right :)

Hehe I actually wanted to comment on that, but then I realized that it
would be too harsh (no programmer wants to be called webmaster since
it's insulting =)

Anyway, we know that you're one of people who contributed a lot to the
Eggdrop, thanks :)

Best regards,
 Derek                            mailto:takeda at - eggdrop help forum

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