Eggdev: [Bug 448] channel join can be zero

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Mon Jun 5 03:56:30 CST 2006

------- Additional Comments From DeKus at  2006-06-05 04:56 -------
That gives me a new idea... maybe JOIN and WHO are parsed correctly. Can a user
come into the list without triggering one of those events? Though a simple
privmsg can't trick it. I mean the user has been added to the list without a
timestamp when it has been added. This is the bug I was originally refering to.
The bot should know when the user has been added to the list and therefore be
able to save this event with a timestamp... regardless if this was the original
join date. Everything else would be a workaround. I mean, sure, you can capture
0 as an error in scripts, since it makes absolut no sense.

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