Eggdev: [Bug 432] Logfile Tcl Command Lacks Validation

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Sun Jun 4 16:49:52 CST 2006

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            Summary|logfile command lacks       |Logfile Tcl Command Lacks
                   |argument checking           |Validation
            Version|other                       |1.6.18 CVS

------- Additional Comments From barkerjr at  2006-06-04 17:49 -------
It should be noted that the <flags> argument is checked for validity, and
invalid flags are dropped.

For the channel parameter, I'm not sure how that could be validated other than
making sure that the first character is #, +, &, or ! and that there are no
spaces in it.  I don't think we can check against the valid channels list,
because the channel to be logged may not have been added yet via 'channel add.'

And for the filename argument, I'm not sure what can be considered invalid.  I
mean every character except '/' is valid in a filename in *nix, right?  And we
have to assume that '/' is valid, as a directory seperator.

Now, 'putlog' silently skips over any logfile where fopen() fails, so that's
safe.  The logfile switch 1) closes the log, 2) deletes the .yesterday file, and
3) renames the current file to .yesterday.  This doesn't seem to cause any
issues, unless it corrupts memory.

I suppose that we could add code to test writability of the file when 'logfile'
is called, but I'm not entirely sure we need to, if it's not causing problems.

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