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Mon May 30 22:07:41 CST 2005


I'm not really absent, just not coding much right now. But I always check my
email! So if anybody has questions about 1.9 just ask away. We really need
people to say what they want done on it. Botnet is a given.. for now I'd forget
about making a new botnet and work on the "oldbotnet" module so we can link up
1.9 bots with 1.6 bots.

I suspect part of the problem is that people have a hard time compiling it and
getting it running. I'm sure the "bootstrap" process is still painful for a lot
of people, which sucks. If anybody can tackle that, it's one of the most
important issues I think.

It's not a terribly unstable bot right now. This week I've run it for days at a
time collecting valgrind data with no crashes.

Smallish things needing to be done:

1. More partyline commands
2. Make some current commands more friends (maybe .-server should take
3. Write help files

In fact I think I'll write some help files right now. It's important because
it's pretty much the only way to see what partyline commands are finished,
other than looking in the source code.

One thing I've asked for some time ago was for interested people to write
scripts... tcl, perl, javascript, whatever. It's important to have a nice
flexible scripting framework. Right now a lot (probably most) of the scripting
stuff is done, so you can write just about any script. Obviously some things
like botnet commands are missing.

This is another area where we need better documentation. There are lots of new
commands, new binds to catch user and channel settings, filters to modify
server input and output, etc, all available to scripts.

Helping with script writing documentation is easier than it seems. There is a
module called "script" with a bunch of files that divide up all the script
support areas. Scriptuser.c contains all the scripting commands affecting
users, scripttimer.c has all the timer commands, etc. All you have to do is go
through a file and see what the arguments for each command are. The purpose of
each command is pretty self-explanatory. The main thing that needs to be done
is to gather all the information together in a nice file called
script-commands.txt or something.

Anyway, just send an email to the list if you have any questions or ideas.

--- Will Buckner <wcc at> wrote:

> Darko Ilic wrote:
> > Hello Hielke,
> >
> > Unfortunantly, 1.9 maintainer and head coder has been absent lately 
> > and without his guidance nobody is willing to commit more code changes 
> > because there's no clear picture of how the CVS version should develop 
> > from here. This might be a good chance for you to get familliar with 
> > the code, so once we continue active development (or re-shuffle coding 
> > team) you'll be ready to contribute. In any case, you can always try 
> > submitting patches to patches at along with explanation sent 
> > to eggdev at
> >
> Well, I see no reason for development to halt in stdarg's absense. There 
> is still plenty to be done. Someone could start on the botnet protocol....
> > Darko
> Will

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