Eggdev: Still looking for eggdrop developer?

Hielke Hoeve hielke.hoeve at
Sat May 21 04:16:01 CST 2005

 I was wondering if you are still looking for people to help developing the 
eggdrop 1.9 tree (or maybe any other eggdrop tree). 
  Since the last update of the eggdrop was last year I was browsing your 
website for maybe a beta version to try out, and I've tried the
eggdrop 1.9and read that is isnt quite ready. So I thought I could
maybe help out. I am
not very familiar with the eggdrop tree, but have read through alot of code 
to make/adapt modules. I like the idea to support multiple scripting 
languages as not everyone is familiar with TCL.
 It might take some time for me to be able to really be an affective 
programmer, but I have done some projects in C so I know the language and am 
quite capable to work with other people's code. I live in The Netherlands 
but my English is quite good. I am currently doing a master program for 
Computer Science, so I have other skills that are related to programming.
 Hope to hear from you soon.
 Hielke Hoeve

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