Eggdev: Uptime Types Addition Request

Ray Atkinson data at
Mon Mar 28 13:33:25 CST 2005

Is it possible to create a new 'type' for the uptime page statistics?

EnergyMech is 1
EggDrop is 2
FireClaw is 10
GarnaxBot is 11

I would appreciate a new type, 'CelDrop'. I currently have its type set to 13, basically bumping the type up til i could no longer locate an existing number based off the 'General Stats' page of uptime website.

Any response, positive or negative would be greatly appreciated.

If this email has been misdirected, please take a moment to let me know the correct address. I felt this was better then a massive 'CC' listing ;)

-Excelsior [aka Csyzagy]

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