Eggdev: [Bug 440] Eggdrop Core on KICK

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Thu Mar 17 02:51:57 CST 2005

------- Additional Comments From takeda at  2005-03-17 02:51 -------
> #13 0x43d53a09 in check_tcl_raw (from=0xd8bac <Address 0xd8bac out of bounds>,
> code=0xb1b0eb37 "KICK", msg=0xd8bac <Address 0xd8bac out of bounds>)
>     at servmsg.c:158

There is obviously something wrong with address, anyway since
check_tcl_raw function was called my guess is that there is in fact a

What does:
".binds raw all" say?

Anyway looks like something is really f**ked up...

Do you have the core?

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