Eggdev: Re: [cvslog] (2005-03-03 18:44:57 UTC) Module eggdrop1.9: Change committed!

stdarg stdarg at
Fri Mar 4 10:51:31 CST 2005

That sounds fine, I just didn't find that info on the page I was using to see
the mask types.

Also we don't have to limit ourselves to mirc mask types, I just thought that
would be a good start. One thing I'd like to add is the option to have a lookup
table to determine what type of mask to apply depending on the ip. For
instance, if the host matches * then it's a cable connection and you can
probably apply a stricter mask than if it matches * I'm not sure what
the best way to do this is though.

--- Bryan Drewery <lordares at> wrote:

> mIRC also supports adding (10) to any type to replace any numeral with '?'
> Think that would be useful? (easy to implement)
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> Bryan Drewery

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