Eggdev: Major flaw with 1.9 hash_table() functions (stdarg read)

Bryan Drewery lordares at
Tue Mar 1 17:52:50 CST 2005

I've been playing around/studying these functions for a while today and noticed that there is a major flaw.
The idea of a hash table is to hash a value and jump directly to it's spot in memory, without the need to loop any lists
(unless possibly because of collisions).

to create a table, hash_table_create is called with the size of the initial table.
For example, the user list is defined to be 50:
#define USER_HASH_SIZE  50

hash_table_t *hash_table_create(hash_table_hash_alg alg, 
hash_table_cmp_alg cmp, int nrows, int flags)
         ht->max_rows = nrows;

The maximum rows are set to the initial size value, so far so good...

Now, skipping down over hash_table_insert()..

ht->cells_in_use is increased for each entry into the table... the end of hash_table_insert hash_table_check_resize() is called to 
see if the table needs to be resized...

In this function the following is used to check if the table is too small:

         if (ht->cells_in_use / ht->max_rows > 100) {

Now, using the defined user table size of 50 and say 4900 users added, the 
value calculated is:
4900 / 50 = ** 98 **
98 is still less than the 100 required to resize and add rows to the 
table...Not until there are 5001 users will the table
increase from 1 row to 3 rows (there is a multiplier of 3 in the resizing)

Point being, until their are SIZE*100 entries into the first row, the 
table is just a ** 1 ** row linked-list, which
defeats the entire purpose of having the hash table functions...

I did some verification checks to this and the resulting hash % cells was 
always: ** 0 **, meaning the first row.

Reviewing egglib/cvs, I see that the original code simply add a linked 
list at collisions as is the best way of handling
them and not dealing with resizing...
or perhaps lowering the row percentage from 100 to say 2.

Seems that when the hash_table.* files were copied over from lib/egglib to 
lib/eggdrop, changes such as this occurred and
went unlogged by stdarg.

Bryan Drewery

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