Eggdev: Re: [eggheads-patches] PATCH1.6: optimizekicks-and-logging.patch

Will Buckner wcc at
Fri Apr 15 21:09:51 CST 2005

NeoN wrote:

>I found some issues in the server module.
>1. optimize-kicks
>- egg_snprintf was called several times with overlapping source and
>  dest strings.  Replaced by egg_strcatn().
>- kick-method setting wasn't read from the config file, so it was
>  always set to 1 (except if nettype was set to IRCnet).
>- kick-method=0 is supposed to put all nicks in one kick command,
>  according to eggdrop.conf.
>- optimize-kicks=1 didn't always respect the number of nicks that can
>  be kicked in one command (kick-method).  If the first msg in the
>  queue contains too many nicks, it just got sent as it was.
>  A new msg, containing the remaining nicks, is now inserted in the
>  queue.
>- optimize-kicks=2 discarded nick changes when the resulting line
>  would be too long.  It now tries to:
>  - replace the old nick with the new nick.
>  - if that results in a msg that is too long, it puts the remaining
>    nicks in a new msg and inserts it in the queue.
>  - if possible, it also puts the new nick in a new msg and inserts it
>    into the queue;  if the new nickname is too long, it chops the
>    kick reason; if the msg is too long even with an empty kick
>    reason, it is discarded.
>- A few calls to newsplit() (spaces) instead of splitnicks()
>  (comma's).
>2. logging of outgoing server traffic
>calc_penalty() was called before the logging.  Because calc_penalty()
>uses newsplit(), the msg to be logged was chopped before it could be
Any comments on this one? Otherwise I'm going to apply it sometime this 


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