Eggdev: [Bug 441] New: tcl command resetchan, part without chan, topic blank

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Tue Apr 12 16:29:12 CST 2005

           Summary: tcl command resetchan, part without chan, topic blank
           Product: Eggdrop 1.6
           Version: 1.6.18 CVS
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P2
         Component: Module: channels.mod
        AssignedTo: eggdev at
        ReportedBy: DeKus at

This probably rather a trivial one, but when you do that:
[22:59:29] tcl: evaluate (.tcl): resetchan #dn
on an +inactiv channel, that will happen:
[22:59:29] [!m] PART 
[22:59:29] [m->] PART 
strange, probably the bot wanted to do "PART #dn" to make sure he really isn't
on the channel?!

another a bit anoying one. It seems the command resets the TOPIC, but doesn't
retrieve it from the server -> the topic in the bots memory goes blank.

[23:02:00] [!s] TOPIC #rns : [cut]
[23:02:00] [s->] TOPIC #rns : [cut]
[23:07:10] tcl: evaluate (.tcl): resetchan #rns
[23:07:10] [!m] MODE #rns +b
[23:07:10] [m->] MODE #rns +b
[23:07:10] [!m] MODE #rns +e
[23:07:10] [m->] MODE #rns +e
[23:07:10] [!m] MODE #rns +I
[23:07:10] [m->] MODE #rns +I
[23:07:10] [!m] MODE #rns
[23:07:10] [m->] MODE #rns
[23:07:10] [!m] WHO #rns
[23:07:11] [@] 367 [cut]
[23:07:11] [m->] WHO #rns
[23:07:11] [@] 368 [-RO^Bot-] #rns :End of Channel Ban List
[23:07:11] [@] 349 [-RO^Bot-] #rns :End of Channel
Exception List
[23:07:11] [@] 347 [-RO^Bot-] #rns :End of Channel Invite List
[23:07:11] [@] 324 [-RO^Bot-] #rns +stnrKCSf 5:2
[23:07:11] [@] 329 [-RO^Bot-] #rns 1029514405
[23:07:14] [@] 352 [cut]
[23:07:14] [@] 315 [-RO^Bot-] #rns :End of /WHO list.
[23:07:17] tcl: evaluate (.tcl): topic #rns

so you see... its empty, even it was (succesfully) set just 5min ago ^-^.
I can confirm this behavior for v1.6.18+notesfix with Tcl version 8.4.7 on
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 1.5.14 and OpenBSD 3.4 so I assume this all OS :).

The documentation tells me this command is a "channel" command, so I think its
part of channels.mod. I encountered this, because my bot has repeatly lost its
desire to get op after a server split which this command could revoke, but
however, loosing the topic is a bit anoying, because I have a script reading it
on time binds to include things via regsub :D.

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