Eggdev: help system again

Darko Ilic darko at
Wed Sep 29 11:02:59 CST 2004

Hi stdarg,

stdarg wrote:

>Right now the help files are put into a subdir based on locale (e.g.
>help/en_EN/helpfile.xml). However, only 1 locale is ever searched and loaded
>from. Should we make it so that the help system loads all installed languages,
>or keep it like now?
>If we keep it so that only 1 language works, I'm wondering why we even bother
>with locale directories, why not just have 1 help dir like in 1.6?
>If we load multiple languages, we could have each eggdrop user choose his own
>language. However this is probably largely useless, as most people on the same
>bot will use the same language (I think). On the other hand, if we're going to
>try to support system-wide installs better (for shells etc) then this makes
>sense, since eggdrop should try to load from /usr/share/eggdrop/help/<lang> or
>whatever. BUT again this can be accomplished simply by setting help_path to
>/usr/share/eggdrop/help/<lang>, so... I don't know what's best. One other point
>in this one's favor is that most people will only have 1 language pack
>installed, so there will be no extra memory usage anyway, and for those people
>who do install multiple languages, there must be a reason.
I am very much against any localisation but since code is already there, 
people can choose what language to install. I wouldn't complicate 
matters more.

>One more issue is that right now we only load help files for modules that are
>actually loaded by eggdrop. What do you think about loading all the help files
>and telling the user when a command is not available?
At this stage i would bother with it only if code is trivial or you 
really want to implement it. It's not a bad feature to have.

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