Eggdev: help system again

stdarg stdarg at
Wed Sep 29 09:06:53 CST 2004

Right now the help files are put into a subdir based on locale (e.g.
help/en_EN/helpfile.xml). However, only 1 locale is ever searched and loaded
from. Should we make it so that the help system loads all installed languages,
or keep it like now?

If we keep it so that only 1 language works, I'm wondering why we even bother
with locale directories, why not just have 1 help dir like in 1.6?

If we load multiple languages, we could have each eggdrop user choose his own
language. However this is probably largely useless, as most people on the same
bot will use the same language (I think). On the other hand, if we're going to
try to support system-wide installs better (for shells etc) then this makes
sense, since eggdrop should try to load from /usr/share/eggdrop/help/<lang> or
whatever. BUT again this can be accomplished simply by setting help_path to
/usr/share/eggdrop/help/<lang>, so... I don't know what's best. One other point
in this one's favor is that most people will only have 1 language pack
installed, so there will be no extra memory usage anyway, and for those people
who do install multiple languages, there must be a reason.

One more issue is that right now we only load help files for modules that are
actually loaded by eggdrop. What do you think about loading all the help files
and telling the user when a command is not available?


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