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Tue Sep 21 16:02:49 CST 2004


So I was looking at the code yesterday and it seems that a few things have
snuck in that have been causing some problems. Like eggdrop not starting
because of some memory errors heh. So I'm going to go through and clean some
stuff up soon.

1. Config stuff -- the new variant.* is nice but it's so similar to the
scripting stuff that I'm sure there's a way to reuse what's already there (more
data types) instead of duplicating it all.

2. Help -- there were some problems with modifying the return from getenv,
which I don't think is a good idea, so I changed it, but there might be other
stuff so I'll look through that a bit closer too.

3. memory.* is... well... by using defines for malloc, free, etc, it made it
start mixing calls as some places (like the scripting modules) get memory from
external sources that did not use these functions. I've gotten rid of the DEBUG
define for now because it was causing crashes constantly. Took me forever to
figure out why, too, because I hadn't realized this sort of thing was added!

More later!

Oh, I've also gone ahead and made it check for modname_LTX_start in addition to
start if it's not found, so that should fix that one problem. No commits yet
though. Another thing I'm changing is a bit of the xml stuff -- adding a
next_sibling and prev_sibling, since a lot of config access has to do with
getting the subsequent elements.

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