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Dariusz Kulinski takeda at
Fri Sep 10 11:53:06 CST 2004

Hello stdarg,

Friday, September 10, 2004, 9:22:57 AM, you wrote:

>> Eggdrop 1.9 is far from over, and doesn't look that there is many
>> developers who can contribute to it. For example there is a lot
>> confusing stuff for small developers (like me :) also there is huge
>> problem to even compile on every machine (each time I check out the
>> eggdrop) something was changed so it won't compile anymore.
> It's funny because we moved to some really new version of autotools so that it
> would be more portable. That kind of backfired! Maybe it would have worked out
> if anybody had totally finished converting stuff though.
> What kind of compile errors do you get?

Actually I fixed those most important.
But for example I fixed before tcl and I commited changes, couple
weeks later I checked out source to see that tcl was broken again. I'm
talking about this kind of stuff.

Currently I can compile bot, but I need to disable nls, javascript
doesn't seem to work even when I have js library installed, perl...
well it works but not correctly. On my system I have installed two
perls, one that was together with a system and one (from ports) other
installed programs doesn't have problem with it and use perl from
ports, but eggdrop seem to compile using the older one.

Also that issue with modules (they compile fine but don't work unless
I made changes in sources).

>> Eggdrop 1.9 is neat and have a lot good changes and features. But I
>> think the changes went too far, and if there won't be anything done
>> I'm afraid that version will end up as eggdrop 2.0.
>> What I'm suggesting is to maybe starting to make it useable again, so
>> people like me could contribute and do small fixes. I.e. if I cannot
>> compile and use bot, I cannot see what was done and what is missing.
>> I also don't understand some changes, looks like many command have
>> been removed, for example old .whois command looks like debug output,
>> instead of old .whois which was pretty good and I don't see reason for
>> changing it.
> Ya we should focus first on getting it to compile on everybody's computers. One
> thing, do you have an account on techmonkeys? I'm pretty sure it compiles fine
> on there. I might be able to spend some time this weekend working on that. Just
> let me know all the errors.

I don't have account there, ok I'll try to do it (there is also bunch
of warnings while compiling, it could maybe help to use -Werror to
find and fix them.

> Also, what versions of autoconf, automake, etc do you have?

autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.59
automake (GNU automake) 1.9.1
libtoolize (GNU libtool15) 1.5.8

Best regards,
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