Eggdev: [Bug 423] New: Enforcement of Non-matching Bans

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Tue Nov 16 13:50:36 CST 2004

           Summary: Enforcement of Non-matching Bans
           Product: Eggdrop 1.6
           Version: 1.6.17
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P1
         Component: Module: irc.mod
        AssignedTo: eggdev at
        ReportedBy: barkerjr at
                CC: barkerjr at

[2:00:21pm] * Calle (~hagelien at has joined #eggdrop
[2:00:22pm] * Eggdrop sets mode: +b *!hagelien@*
[2:00:22pm] * Calle was kicked by Anthology (Banned: 1 day)

The problem here is that *!hagelien@* is not a valid mask for
Calle!~hagelien at  The user has a ~ while the ban does not.

This may not seem to be a bad thing until you realize that the user remains
not-banned.  If the user's client is configured to rejoin the channel when
kicked, it will succeed.  Worse yet, you'll end up with a kick-flood.

You can imagine the problems this could cause if if was a bunch of flooders,
rather than just an annoying user.

------- Additional Comments From darko at  2004-11-16 13:50 -------
If the reason for existance of strict-hosts is really only to cater for single
banmask to cover both idented and unidented connection from the same user, then
we should look into either rewritting code from scratch or at least modifying it
in the way that just before MODE massage is sent to server, we prefix the
username with the ident char but only if the person that triggered ban has ident
char at that momment.

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