Eggdev: exempt/invite list behavior

stdarg stdarg at
Thu Feb 26 10:17:57 CST 2004

This is a possibility, but how well does it work on networks that have more
than just +o? Halfops, "channel creator", all that stuff... can you be sure
that the only time you need to re-check the list is when the bot gets +o? Even
if so, would it really be best to hard-code this into the bot, or instead let a
script or config variable handle it?

--- lordares <lordares at> wrote:
> Just send MODE #chan Ie on join, if a 482 is returned, then check on OP
> This definitely needs to be fixed for 1.6.16 I think, without it, the
> the bot might kick users who are +e etc...
> I have some code all ready to patch in for checking I/e on OP if you want
> it...

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