Eggdev: exempt/invite list behavior

lordares lordares at
Wed Feb 25 18:28:05 CST 2004

Just send MODE #chan Ie on join, if a 482 is returned, then check on OP

This definitely needs to be fixed for 1.6.16 I think, without it, the
the bot might kick users who are +e etc...

I have some code all ready to patch in for checking I/e on OP if you want

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, stdarg wrote:

> I've added e/I support to 1.7 based on 005. Instead of a channel_bans command
> to get the ban list, now it's channel_mask_list chan type, where type is e, I,
> b, or any type A mode (from 005).
> The problem is when the bot first joins a channel, and doesn't have ops, it
> can't get the e/I list.
> 1.6 has this problem too. Furthermore, when the bot does get ops, it doesn't
> re-request the e/I list. If you do .dump mode #chan eI, then it fills them in
> correctly. (.reset doesn't work because of what may be a logic error - the
> ASKED_EXEMPTS/INVITES flag isn't reset, so it doesn't re-ask. This behavior
> occurs on efnet, where requesting the exempt list without ops results in an
> error code, and not an end-of-exempt-list code, so the flag is not reset. I'm
> not sure how it is on other networks.)
> Do you guys think code should be added to automatically refresh those lists
> when the bot gets ops? The problem with this is it may be that some networks
> let you see the e/I list with halfops, or some may let you see it with no ops
> so it would be a waste. The two most obvious solutions are to add config vars,
> and to let another script/module handle it.
> Any thoughts?
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