Eggdev: DALnet's new IRCd

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Tue Feb 24 22:19:17 CST 2004

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> > They're adding modes I and e!
> I don't see reason why not to enable +I and +e on all networks,
> looks like most networks now support it now, and if some networks
> won't
> support it, they simply won't use it, it's simple. In example
> halfmode is enabled on all networks (I belive) and doesn't seem to
> affect
> anything. And when irc module is not loaded bot have +e/+I turned
> off, so is impossible to add/remove/see +e/+I on hub that doesn't
> sit on irc. 

Enabling +e/+I will break UltimateIRCd and any IRCd that uses +I and
+e for other purposes than invites and exempts.

When the bot first joins a channel, it sends MODE #chan +I and MODE
#chan +e.  Well, on ultimate, this sets +I (anti-invites) on the
channel, which is extremely undesirable.

Halfop is not comparable, because it's just extra parsing in NAMES,
or passive support.  +e/+I support are actually setting modes on the
channel, or active support.

By the way, why does the bot send +e and +I, rather than just e or I
without the plus-sign?

And why does net-type 5 enable +e/+I in 1.6.16?  It doesn't in

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