Eggdev: 1.6.16

stdarg stdarg at
Thu Feb 19 01:18:28 CST 2004

I think it's important that wild_match() be tested. I made some changes in it
based on valgrind's output. Places that use wild_match() are:

1. ignores
2. dcc .match command
3. get_user_by_host() is a big one

The main things I changed in the code is more careful checking when the mask is
shorter than what it's matching against, and getting rid of consecutive *'s. So
if anybody has a big userlist with weird hostmasks like
"*??*blah!***@*.blah.c?m" let me know if things act strangely.

--- "Will Buckner (Wcc)" <wcc at> wrote:
> How does 1.6.16 rc1 on March 1st sound? I think everything major's
> fixed/etc.. I have to finish up alittle bit of doc stuff, but I think
> 1.6.16's probably ready. Thoughts?
> Wcc

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