Eggdev: IRCnet is going to have new IRCd

Dariusz Kulinski takeda at
Fri Feb 13 22:00:50 CST 2004

Hello eggdev,

There are few features that will be implemented, and possibly could
affect eggdrop:
- new +R flag (works like b/e/I), but is for reoping users when
  channel is opless (it will be enabled, when all servers will be
  upgraded to new IRCd)
- b/e/I/R will support CIDR type i.e. ban like *!*@ will
  be valid (old IRCd already support it, but don't enforce, so it will
  be effective right away in new IRCd)
- b/e/I/R will have additional masking character '#' it will work like
  '?' but mask only number.
- there is nick collision system
  ( "NICK 0" will
  change nick to UID, looks like eggdrop already doesn't have problems
  with that.
- USER allows to put user flags in that line so doing /mode nick +iw
  won't be necessary.

There are already few servers set up for testing, and connected to

Here is new ircd (alpha version):

Best regards,
 Dariusz                          mailto:takeda at - eggdrop help

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