Eggdev: Problem with CHAT and BCST binds..

FireEgl EggDev at FireEgl.CJB.Net
Wed Feb 4 08:14:50 CST 2004

Alright, I've created BCST and CHAT binds on one bot, and all they do is
send a putlog..

.tcl bind chat - * test:chat ; proc test:chat {remote chan text} { putlog
"CHAT: $remote $chan $text" }
.tcl bind bcst - * test:bcst ; proc test:bcst {remote chan text} { putlog
"BCST: $remote $chan $text" }

And I used the [dccputchan] command on another bot..
.tcl dccputchan 0 "Testing"
Guess which bind it triggered?  No, not the CHAT bind. It triggered the BCST

Now, doing a:
.tcl dccbroadcast "Testing"
You would think is supposed to trigger BCST binds..but no, it doesn't
trigger any bind at all.

So, to summarize..
dccputchan should trigger CHAT binds (not BCST ones).
And dccbroadcast should trigger BCST binds.

I'd also like to note, that broadcasts do not contain a channel# element.

    (23) CHAT (stackable)
         bind chat <flags> <mask> <proc>
         proc-name <handle> <channel#> <text>

         Description: when someone says something on the botnet, it invokes
           this binding. Flags are ignored; handle could be a user on this
           bot ("DronePup") or on another bot ("Eden at Wilde") and therefore
           you can't rely on a local user record. The mask is checked
           the entire line of text and supports wildcards.
         Module: core

    (34) BCST (stackable)
         bind bcst <flags> <mask> <proc>
         proc-name <botname> <channel#> <text>

         Description: when a bot broadcasts something on the botnet (see
           'dccbroadcast' above), it invokes this binding. flags are
           the mask is matched against the message text and can contain
         Module: core

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