Eggdev: valgrind errors

stdarg stdarg at
Tue Feb 3 20:43:42 CST 2004

Well, I think I fixed some of the valgrind errors. Can people please test it a
bit? I made some changes to _wild_match that I'm not 100% sure about. Also I
seem to have fixed the server queue bug. It was easy to reproduce:

.tcl for {set i 0} {$i < 5} {incr i} { putserv "privmsg yourbot :hi $i" -next }
; putserv "privmsg yourbot :hi!"

Would make it print the first "hi 4" message, then "hi!", then your queue is
stuck with 4 messages.

Anyway, this stuff definitely needs testing. That valgrind information was very
helpful! Maybe someone can run it again and see if anything has changed.

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