Eggdev: Crash in malloc() internals ? (server.c:865)

Miguel Ventura hal9000 at
Tue Feb 3 08:04:23 CST 2004

In a previous mail i told which modules i had loaded. At the moment i only
have loaded "some" of the modules which are packed with eggdrop (i'm not
loading seen nor woobie) as i was trying to find out the origin of the

As for modules, i'm using
$ grep ^loadmod enforcer.conf
loadmodule dns
loadmodule channels
loadmodule server
loadmodule ctcp
loadmodule irc
loadmodule compress
loadmodule console
loadmodule notes
loadmodule assoc
loadmodule transfer
loadmodule uptime

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You know.. this could very well be a stats.mod/megahal bug.
It would be much more helpful if you downloaded the CVS eggdrop1.6 and
re-create the bug that way (without said mods)

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