Eggdev: 1.6.16

lordares lordares at
Mon Feb 2 01:39:25 CST 2004

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Will Buckner (Wcc) wrote:

> Hmm.. we really need to release 1.6.16. 1.6.15 was pretty buggy.
> The problem is this server-queue bug which seems pretty serious.
> It's also in .15, so if we went ahead and released .16 in a week
> or so, it's not like any new bugs would (hopefully) have been
> introduced. Any input on this? Or, better yet, any ideas about
> fixing this bug?
> Wcc

If there haven't been many reports/complaints regarding said bug in
1.6.15, then I think it is safe to release a new version with the bug.  If
anything people might find an easier way of reproducing the bug.

One thing I would suggest in 1.6.16 is that since the (broken) IPv6
support was stripped, 6tunnel should be mentioned.

6tunnel -s localport 6667

It is incredibly simple to use and the bot would just need to set its
servers to { localhost:<localport> }

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