channel services module (was: Eggdev: 1.9 status)

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|There may be some things currently in the server module that 
|should be moved to this module. For instance, channel 
|auto-joining and re-joining... it sounds like something that 
|should go into the service module.

|The other thing that might be moved is the code to handle 
|channel files and channel settings. The server module should 
|keep track of the actual list of channels and the actual 
|settings on those channels according to the server. The 
|channel services module can provide things like 
|channel_set/get for scripts to store channel settings, etc.
|It's open for discussion, though. Any ideas?

In my opinion, I would use the server module to keep track of those
sorts of things. If the server module supports the ability to
dynamically hold channel settings (like the setudef command in Tcl
currently) then the services module could use this to hold its
settings, but Tcl coders (say if someone wanted to code a replacement
to the channel services module, but wanted to store channel settings,way
they wouldn't need to load the services module, which they are
intending to replace anyway.

Plus, I think that the +inactive channel mode should be within the realms
of the server module, as opposed to the channel module.

Just my 2 pence :)

Chris Northwood.

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