Eggdev: Re: [cvslog] (2004-12-10 19:00:55 UTC) Module eggdrop1.9: Change committed!

stdarg stdarg at
Sun Dec 12 15:01:59 CST 2004

Hey, about dns caching.. I was going to do something like that, but then I
realized most eggdrops have their dns server either on localhost or at least on
a local network (for shells). Since their dns server already caches replies,
it's not a big deal to requery. We don't do dns lookups that often anyway. When
we do a lookup, we store the result somewhere (e.g. when someone connects via
telnet) and then use that stored value.

How much benefit do you think this has?

--- cvslog <cvs at> wrote:
> Log message:
> * Now caching the entire answer for the query
>   cache_find(char *query) will return an int which can be used on cache[]
>   cache entries are expired accoring to ttl from (last) reply/answer
>   -Still need to add an option to disable/tweak the cache
>   -And need to setup some sort of max for the cache

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