Eggdev: 1.9 status

Will Buckner wcc at
Thu Dec 2 15:00:26 CST 2004

Darko Ilic wrote:
> Hello eggdev,
> 1.9 had stalled yet again. Is there any hope that someone (preferably 
> stdarg) can get server module and flagging system to a point where this 
> protection-module-to-be can pick up from? We also need to define what 
> belongs where (specially in server/protection module cases) so to 
> prevent further mixing of code. Lastly, botnet should be discussed 
> again, and in great detail this time. Anyone remebers the summary about it?

AFAIK we did decide on a binary protocol. That's about all that's been 
really discussed, IIRC.

> Darko


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