Eggdev: Re: [cvslog] (2003-10-04 00:54:00 UTC) Module eggdrop1.6: Change committed

Dariusz Kulinski takeda at
Fri Oct 3 19:13:20 CST 2003

Hello cvslog,

Friday, October 3, 2003, 5:54:00 PM, you wrote:

> CVSROOT    : /usr/local/cvsroot
> Module     : eggdrop1.6
> Commit time: 2003-10-04 00:54:00 UTC
> Commited by: Will Buckner <wcc at>

> Modified files:
>      doc/UPDATES1.6 src/patch.h src/tcluser.c

> Log message:

> * Fixed bug 365 (missing call to check_this_user in tcl_setuser). Patch by
>   Eule. Bugzilla is dead, can't credit the finder till it's up. I'd like to

same with mailing archive (

>   get .16 out soon; what else needs to be done?

Well I think ipv6 is not finished yet. Maybe remove it since it
complicates applying third party ipv6 patches.

One of broken things is myip command, it supposed to return correct ipv4
address, since there is myip6, I don't understand why it was
modified in first place.

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