Eggdev: strict-host

Axel Franke eule at
Tue Jan 1 03:11:37 CST 2002

On 30 Dec 2001, at 11:07, TaKeDa wrote:

> Hello Jeff,
> Saturday, December 29, 2001, 1:59:03 PM, you wrote:
> > I plan to kill this tomorrow 
> > comments please
> I belive it shudn't be removed, but behaviour should be changed, current
> prefixes (as on are:
>         none    I line with ident
>         ^       I line with OTHER type ident
>         ~       I line, no ident
>         +       i line with ident
>         =       i line with OTHER type ident
>         -       i line, no ident
> As you see, equall prefixes are: none and + (this is when ident is working
> correctly)
> I belive that prefixes ~, ^, =, - should be grooped and recognized as '~'
> while strict-host is set to 0.

You have forget, that ^ and = also equal?

I believe the strict-host set is longer existant as the ircnet (which used i-lines), 
probable was the reason for coding the strict-host-set that some users on time 
a working ident-daemon have and a other time not. 
'+', '-', '^', '=' was added to fixfrom I believe in 1.0e.
I understand you correctly, you want to lost the original-idea and with a new 
meaning for the strict-host-set that only restrictet or not irrelevant is? This 
would be a improvement for ircnet-users the at the moment like strict-host 1,
but what is with the others, I mean the still have the original-reason for using 
strict-host 0?

Happy new year

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